The Municipality of Greenstone’s 2024 Capital Program details seventy-eight (78) capital projects (plus four (4) debt repayment projects). As of March 15th twenty-six (26) of these projects are in progress and five (5) have been completed. Due to Council approving the budget several months   earlier than past years, Municipal Staff have been able to “get ahead of the crowd” with procurement efforts. Many of the forty-seven (47) projects not yet started are scheduled to begin in May and June including work on the Nakina and Longlac Community Centres, an engineering study on the Beardmore Snowman, and installation of new fencing at the Geraldton Community Centre Ball Field.

A 1500 gallon Fire Emergency Pumper/Tanker is currently being assembled and delivery is expected by the end of April. This pumper/tanker will replace a 1994, 800 gallon pumper and will allow the transportation of more personnel to the scene, additional scene lighting and additional water. 



The 2024 Capital Budget is $8,332,347 in total expenses funded in part by $3.74M from the 2024 tax levy. In addition, $1.62M in Provincial grants was secured and $2.97M from reserves or reserve funds was utilized.

A complete list of capital projects can be viewed in the 2024 Budget Proposal. Additional budget information is available on our Budget and Financial Statements page.