The Municipal Youth Soccer Program ended for the 2021 season on September 29.  Due to the wonderful volunteer coaches the program ran every Tuesday (2 age groups) and Wednesday (1 age group) in both Geraldton and Longlac.  One hundred children registered for the program, with 94 using the new online registration system on the Municipal website.

Skills were learned, games were played, and fun was had by all!  

The Municipality would like to extend a huge thank you to the following volunteers:


  • Chantelle Verhey
  • Ryan Zufelt
  • Kaitlyn Amell
  • Leo Robinson
  • James Gallant

Longlac :

  • Sarah Poirier
  • Phanie Loisel
  • Calvin Cloutier
  • Mikayla Dawson
  • Richard Baycroft
  • Brent Henley