Volunteer Firefighter Recruitment!

We are presently doing a recruitment drive throughout the Municipality

and will be accepting applications until June 2, 2019!

Here is who we are looking for:

  • Any male or female above the age of 16
  • Persons aged 16-18 will be fire cadets
  • Persons aged 18 and over for positions of firefighters in all Greenstone Wards

What Greenstone gives you in return?

  • The chance to be part of a dynamic organization that helps people
  • Training as a fire fighter
  • Firefighter uniform and gear
  • Compensation for your time and hard work
  • A social circle of a close knit community
  • Pride in helping people and your community in times of need

What is required of you as a Greenstone Firefighter?

  • Time to dedicate to training; about 4 hrs a month
  • Time to dedicate to community service
  • Time to respond to calls day and night
  • Cooperation with your employer to respond during hours of employment
  • Maintain a good standing in the community

What are the requirements to be a Volunteer firefighter?

  • You must be interested in volunteering and helping the community
  • You must have a valid driver’s license for the firefighter’s positions - not for the position of cadet
  • You must be able to pass a criminal background check
  • You should be physically fit in order to carry out the duties of a firefighter

It’s easy to apply, just chose one of the following!

  • Apply in person at the Ward office of your choice
  • Speak to a member of the Greenstone Fire Department
  • Drop in at any of the fire halls if you see the doors open
  • Contact the Greenstone Fire Department Fire Chief at 807-854-8559 ext: 2007
    • Greenstone Fire Department is looking forward to meeting everyone!
Wednesday, May 8, 2019