Recycling Info & Spring Clean Up Events

Recycling Information

Recycling depots for electronic waste are offered at the 4 municipal landfill sites, through the Municipality's registration with the Ontario Electronic Stewardship (visit

The Municipality is also registered as a tire collector with eTracks.

Scrap metal and large household appliances are accepted at the municipal landfills. Freon containing appliances require a tag that can be purchased at the municipal offices, for cost recovery of inspection by a licensed technician.

The Municipality has entered into agreement with Stewardship Ontario and the Product Care Association to facilitate waste diversion efforts. Check out the Orange Drop Program to find businesses that participate in Return To Retail recycling programs for household hazardous waste.

Medications & Sharps Collection:  You can now return unused or expired medications and sharps for free to a pharmacy in your community.  For a list of collection locations near you or for more information about the program, CLICK HERE

Recycling Regulations

The expansion of recycling opportunities in Greenstone is challenged by distances to recycling facilities, waste management infrastructure, and associated costs.  Municipal waste management licensing and operations are regulated by the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change.  For more information on Waste Diversion in Ontario, visit and

Consultation for future landfill developments is part of the Environmental Assessment Process.

Annual Spring Clean-Up Events:  

1) Expanded Residential Curbside Waste Collection

During the weeks listed below, Public Works crews will collect additional household items placed at roadside on the regular garbage collection day.  

  • Geraldton Ward - July 6-10, 2020
  • Longlac Ward - July 13-17, 2020
  • All other areas (Nakina, Jellicoe, Caramat and all rural areas) July 20-24, 2020

Please note: All eligible materials shall be placed at curbside prior to 7:30 am on the regular garbage collection day.  Various Public Works vehicles will be mobilized to complete the collection by road sections.  Once crews have serviced an area the collection period has ended - crews will not return to collect items placed at the curb later in the day.  

Restrictions are identified in the Spring Clean Up Program Policy, and include household hazardous waste (eg. paint and fertilizer) and construction waste (shingles, dismantled buildings).  Refrigeration appliances must be marked with a Freon Tag available at municipal offices for a fee.  Various fleet will be utilized to conduct the collection.  Alternate service dates are not permitted.  

Landfill tipping fees for non-commercial waste are waived for residents during this week.  

The municipal depots for Household Hazardous Waste will again be operable during the summer months - watch for advertising.

2) Community Clean-Up Events in 2020


Interested groups and individuals can register to participate in coordinated clean up events by contacting the Administration Office (854-1100).  Clean Up tools and refreshments will be provided by the Municipality.