Greenstone Infant-Child Development Program

Greenstone Infant/Child Development Program provides family centered early intervention services to families of children, birth to 6 years who have been diagnosed with a developmental delay or are at risk of delay in their development due to established/biological/psychological risk factors.  All participation is voluntary and free of charge.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Children from birth to 6 years of age
  • Children whose families or guardians live within Greenstone
  • Children with a developmental delay or who are at risk for delay
  • Children with known diagnoses and syndromes
  • Children who were born prematurely
  • Children with early trauma
  • Children in over-burdened families
  • Children whose parents need parenting support
  • Children who suffer a developmental delay with unknown causes

Contact Information:

Greenstone Infant/Child Development Worker:  807-854-1744

Director of Community Services:  807-854-1100 ext. 2009