Greenstone Community Centres

After suffering substantial damage from an electrical fire that occurred on November 21, 2019, the Geraldton Community Centre is scheduled to reopen the week of October 12, 2020.  Said Greenstone Mayor, Renald Beaulieu, “We are very grateful to our dedicated staff for working so diligently to ensure that the Geraldton Arena was repaired in time for the 2020/2021 season.  Health and safety are always a top priority for us, and these past months have been spent making sure that our residents will be entering a safe facility upon its reopening."

Municipal staff have also been busy preparing for the re-opening of the other three (3) Municipal Community Centres in Beardmore, Longlac and Nakina.  At the September 14, 2020 Regular Meeting of Council, the repair of the brine pump (required to make ice) at the Nakina Centre was approved.  In addition to the regular reopening procedures and maintenance that occur each year, risk assessments regarding COVID-19 have been completed on each of the facilities.  While all the arenas are expected to open as scheduled (see below), there will be some changes to operations & usage due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Procedures have been developed and approved and will be clearly posted at each Centre.  All visitors must perform a passive screening (self-assessment) prior to entry in accordance with posters that will be posted on entry doors.  Masks will be required (unless participating in a physical activity), social distancing protocols must be adhered to, and hand sanitizer is required to be used upon entry. 

User groups have been contacted by the Municipality to inform them of the new procedures that have been put in place so that they may share them with their members.  Some of them that are worth noting are:

  • Municipal staff will be enforcing the guidelines, and their authority is always to be respected.
  • At this time, no viewing will be allowed in the upstairs halls for the Longlac and Geraldton Arena Ice Surfaces.
  • A 30 minute buffer will be booked between programming to limit crossover between groups.
  • All User Groups will be responsible for screening participants, tracking attendance, and contact information.
  • For hockey users, participants are encouraged to come to the facility dressed and ready to play/skate. Face masks can be removed when helmets are put on and must be put back on once helmets are removed. Each user group will go to assigned dressing room for their rental. Social distancing must be followed at the players benches.
  • If accessing a child or youth program, only 1 parent/guardian per child will be permitted to enter the facility. No other observers (including siblings) are permitted. This includes shinny and public skating.
  • At this time, the one authorized parent/guardian will be allowed in the facility to watch events and watch in the designated area.
  • If accessing an adult program or facility rental, only person(s) designated for the function is/are allowed access to the facility.
  • At this time, all showers will be closed for public use.
  • No gathering or loitering in parking areas or public areas before, during, or after any activity.
  • No gathering or loitering in facility for any reasons unless approved by the Municipality.
  • Currently, bottle fill stations, water fountains and canteens are not available for use.
  • Participants are to arrive at the facility no more than 15 minutes before their designated program or facility booking time.
  • Participants are not permitted to take their helmets or gloves off while on the ice surface.
  • There will be no shaking of hands at anytime before or after any game.
  • Participants behavior is the responsibility of the parent/guardian/coaches/instructors.
  • Participants are to leave the facility promptly (within 10 minutes) after their designated program time.

The gym at the Centre will remain closed at this time due to not having a FOB system and therefore entry cannot be tracked.  The gym at the Nakina Centre will only be available during regular operating hours so that staff can make certain that cleaning protocols are adhered to.  A maximum of three (3) persons will be permitted to use the gym at a time. 

Mayor Beaulieu expressed his gratitude to Greenstone residents for their cooperation with all new protocols caused by the pandemic and for their patience and understanding while staff dealt with the insurance claim for the Geraldton Community Centre. He also stated, “Please remember that this situation remains fluid and changes to procedures may occur as government regulations, public health directives and other information is made available.”

If you have any questions, please call the Municipal Administration Office at (807) 854-1100. 

Scheduled Community Centre Openings:

  • Beardmore – Mid November
  • Geraldton – Week of October 13
  • Longlac – Week of October 13
  • Nakina – Mid November

(Please note that these dates are reliant on inspections and repairs being completed.)

Wednesday, October 7, 2020