Geraldton Community Centre - UPDATE

UPDATE - December 9, 2019

Geraldton Community Centre

  •  A major electrical issue occurred on Thursday, November 21, requiring Fire Department response.
  •  The facility is without electrical service due to damage to electrical infrastructure.
  •  An investigation as part of the insurance claim process has been initiated.
  • The Municipality had independently sourced an electrical engineer for a professional assessment of the cause of the damage. The report on the cause of incident will be provided to the municipality and our insurance company.
  • Recommendations in the engineer's report to reduce the likelihood of a reoccurrence will be implemented at other municipal facilities.
  • A generator has been rented and temporary power has been supplied for the purpose of powering furnaces to protect the facility from cold weather damage.
  • Next steps are as follows:
    • Expand temporary power to include additional lighting in key areas, and health & safety systems (fire alarms, ammonia alarms)
    • Clean soot contaminated areas of the facility.
    • Coordinate the engineered design of required repairs and obtain necessary permits and approvals.
    • Proceed with engineered repairs. 
  • Access to the Geraldton Community Centre will remain restricted for an extended period while repairs are underway. 
  • A more specific estimated completion timeline will be announced once available. However, at this point, it is expected the facility will be out of service for this ice season. Once repairs are designed and approved, parts can be sourced. It is currently expected some of the parts can take 10-14 weeks before delivery due to their unique nature (not off the shelf)

UPDATE - December 4, 2019

Now that an initial assessment has been completed by the engineers, it is expected that repairs to the Geraldton Arena will continue into the Spring.

It is not expected the Complex will open again this season. 

The Municipality will be working diligently to ensure services and programming are restored as soon as possible. 

If you are a member of a specific user group (curling, hockey, etc.) please contact that organization for updates regarding alternate arrangements.

We apologize for the inconvenience this unfortunate incident has caused and appreciate your understanding.


On Thursday November 21, 2019 an electrical fire occurred at the Geraldton Community Centre causing the evacuation of the facility. 

It is expected that the facility may be out of service for an extended period of time however, this will not be confirmed until an investigation has occurred. 

The Municipality is currently working with various user groups to find alternate arrangements where possible. If you are a member of a user group (Hockey, Curling, etc.) please note that all information regarding that specific organization will come directly from them.  

Christmas Crafts with Auntie I

Relocated to the Geraldton Public Library.

Every Wednesday starting November 27 6:30-8:00 pm at the Geraldton Public Library. This program will run for 3 weeks for youth aged 8 to 14. 

Gentile/Yin YOGA

Relocated to the Robert Frost Legion

Every Tuesday 6:00-7:00 pm.  Sessions will run until December 9. Please bring indoor shoes and a yoga mat.

Hatha/Conditioning YOGA

Relocated to the Robert Frost Legion.  

Every Thursday 6:00-7:00 pm. Sessions will run until December 9. Please bring indoor shoes and a yoga mat.


All current gym memberships will be refunded on a prorated basis to November 21, 2019.  Cheques will be mailed out within two weeks.


Shinny passes may be used at all Community Centres within Greenstone. 

Should you wish to receive a refund for a pass, please return it to the Municipal Administration Office no later than Friday, December 13 for a full refund. 

Thank you for your understanding as we work diligently to deal with this situation.  

Tuesday, November 26, 2019